Amanda smiled as she drifted through her house full of people. The impromptu gathering had all the earmarks of a social success.  Music played in the living room, people both dancing and debating the superiority of one musical career over another. The dining room table was filled with trash talk and laughter as two Kickstarted […]

#609 – How green are you?

My friends are green. They fill their instagram with pictures of all the litter they pick up while walking their rescue pitbull. They wash their bottles and cans before dropping them into clean, blue bins. They knit their own market bags and fill them with oddly shaped, entirely organic, locally grown produce. They prep meals […]

Brave Old World

Anxiety sucks. It feeds on itself, narrowing my world, driving my social circles smaller and smaller until it’s just me, work, and my beau. Those closest to me get this, and have put up with my fluctuations over the past decade. I haven’t been very good with my limits… and from an outside view it looks like […]

And sometimes, I wish I were Catholic.

It’s been a crazy and sometimes heavy week for me. I’ve got another writing project that is really taking up my creative mojo. So, just to make sure I’m not neglecting my little experiment, I thought I’d drag out something I wrote a couple of years ago that still makes me giggle. Normally, someone dies… […]

Do you need assistance…

My weekend was productive, if not totally introverted. The beau had a research paper to finish, so I curled up on the couch with a series of Ken Burns documentaries and started a cross stitch project. I haven’t done any sort of cross stitch in years. It’s an odd sort of hobby. When I say, […]