My weekend was productive, if not totally introverted. The beau had a research paper to finish, so I curled up on the couch with a series of Ken Burns documentaries and started a cross stitch project.

I haven’t done any sort of cross stitch in years. It’s an odd sort of hobby. When I say, “Oh yeah, I totally cross stitch,” even I am surprised that I am not 80 years old and milquetoast. And the choice of patterns out there only backs up these assumptions. The biggest reason I haven’t stitched in years has to do with not being thrilled by pictures of kittens, crosses, or butterflies that took me days of work to complete.

But if I am honest, the quiet, careful, orderly progression of a cross stitch pattern does wonders for my stress and anxiety levels. It was just a matter of finding a pattern worth my time. So, as I searched for a get well gift for a friend, I hit the jackpot.

I don’t know why I never thought before to scour etsy for patterns. But once I did, I found this awesome shop, weelittlestitches. She has a collection of pixelated patterns that I fell in love with. And they were perfect for getting back into a cross stitching groove. So as I learned about The West, I did this:

supertroopers 003 

If you’ve never seen the insanely stupid (and yet still at times funny) movie Supertroopers, then this will mean nothing to you. If you have… then you are wondering why one of those guys is not in the bearfucker outfit, because that would have been brilliant.

The answer is that bearfucker would deserve his own pattern, all by himself.

The other awesome, but totally off in my own head thing I did this weekend was to read The Bloggess’s new book.

If you don’t read Jenny’s blog, then you should. And if you haven’t read this book, either do so… or stop talking to me. It’s brilliant, funny, insightful, and all sorts of other book reviewy things. But primarily, it is honest… right down to calling itself ‘mostly true.’ This is a terribly witty and self aware woman. I adore sharing in her insane mind.

Especially since I find so much of myself there as well.